Common info

Userspace tools provide basic configuration access to firmware and its component as well simple data transmissions.

The common arguments and principles across the tools are unified as much as possible:

  • -d (device) is used to specify the NFB device which the tool will use. Device can be entered as:

    • full path: /dev/nfb0 [default]

    • or its shortcut: 0

    • persistent path on system: /dev/nfb/by-pci-slot/0000:03:00.0

    • persistent path on universe: /dev/nfb/by-serial-no/COMBO-400G1/15432

  • -i (index) is used to specify the component index. Index can be entered as list or range combination, e.g. 1,3-5,8. When unspecified, tool can use only the first or all matching components in firmware, this depends on the meaning of tool.

  • -q (query) is intended for use in scripts for obtainig specific information, e.g. PCI_SLOT=$(nfb-info -q pci). It is possible to use more queries at once separated by comma, each queried item will be printed on a separate line. Query mode overrides default action of the tool and also applies the -i parameter.

  • -v (verbose) is used for more detailed output. Some tools supports more levels of verbosity when used more times.

  • -h (help) prints basic usage of the tool.