From prebuilt RPM packages

The prebuilt RPM packages can be obtained via [Copr](

sudo dnf copr enable @CESNET/nfb-framework
sudo dnf install nfb-framework

From source code

  1. Clone the repository from GitHub.

git clone
cd ndk-sw
  1. Install all prerequisites on supported Linux distributions.

sudo ./ --bootstrap
  1. Download and extract 3rd party code archive from the GitHub Release page.

./ --prepare
  1. Compile library and tools to the cmake-build folder.

./ --make
  1. Compile Linux driver.

(cd drivers; ./configure; make)
  1. Load Linux driver manually.

sudo insmod drivers/kernel/drivers/nfb/nfb.ko
  1. Install library and tools to system.

sudo make -C cmake-build install

cmake typical instalation prefix is /usr/local/